Set on an adventure accompanied by troubled souls trying to carry on in a world beyond redemption to see their story unfold.

Face the horrible creatures and dispatch of those old-school RPG style. It won't be easy so make sure to come prepared and explore thoroughly as the city of Gris contains many secrets too dangerous to be left alone.

It’s up to you to save the realm and guide the heroes to a fulfilling life they are lookingthey looking for. Or succumb to the darkness and watch them perish.

Horror-based Visual Novel
Experience four stories of the characters knee-deep in madness. Being completely different people they have their own burdens to overcome in order to be able to see the greater picture and play their part in this tragedy.
Tactical combat
Kill them. The beings in your way. They are here to consume you so there is not much of a choice really. The comfort of turn-based combat allows for a tactical approach: take your time, find the enemy’s weakness and strike.
Explore the Gris
Get to the bottom of this. Explore. Pay attention. Find clues and solve puzzles. You’ll get it eventually. Or not. Sometimes it’s better to be oblivious to what is going on in the dark. Gangster, nun, scientist and bookworm: explore the city with each character to unravel the tangle of stories.